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Connecting networks of people and ideas.




Strategic Communications

Develop integrated and strategic communications and marketing plans, launch public outreach and advocacy campaigns, nurture media relations and plan special events.

Web Development

Design and build client-focused WordPress websites that enhance your brand, spread your message, generate leads and raise money, and are fully responsive and easy to find by search engines.

Digital Marketing

Create in-bound marketing strategies including social media, newsletters and Google for Business, plus monitoring and reporting of all campaigns with the latest analytics tools.


Rita Fromholt, Principal

Rita has diverse background in communications, project management, strategic planning and administration across many sectors including non-profit, technology, political and academic.

She has played lead roles on a wide variety of campaigns and programs that blend creativity with technical skills, along with a healthy dose of real-world life experience.

Her education includes a recent certificate in Web Development and Digital Marketing, and a Google Analytics IQ Certification, plus holds a degree in Communications (first class honors) from Simon Fraser University.

Based in beautiful Victoria, BC, Rita founded Mycelium Strategies to marry her love of communications and technology with her passion for positive social and environmental change.

She’d love to talk to you about how to help put your creative plan or idea into practice.

What is mycelium?

Did you know trees can communicate with each other through an underground “internet” of fungus known as mycelium? The mushroom is the most visible part of the plant, but most of it lies underground in a network of threads that share information and nutrients between the roots of trees and other plants, giving life to the forest.



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